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Meranti and BIG Partnership Announcement

Meranti Steel

BIG and Meranti Steel Enter into Strategic Cooperation in Sustainable Climate Technology for a New Green Steel Plant in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand - June 30, 2023 

Meranti Steel Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore, takes another significant step towards its new green steel project in Thailand as it establishes a strategic cooperation with BIG. The collaboration aims to provide essential sustainable solutions, including potential low carbon Nitrogen and Oxygen supply, and to  collaborate  on a future Green Hydrogen supply chain, supporting one of the first green steel initiatives in the ASEAN region.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed today solidifies the partnership between BIG and Meranti Steel, underscoring their shared commitments to reduce emissions in industrial production. Present at the signing ceremony were Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of BIG, and Dr. Sebastian Langendorf, CEO of Meranti Steel.

Scheduled to commence operations in late 2027, Meranti’s new green steel plant represents a significant advancement in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, sustainable solutions, and an innovative energy concept, the plant is projected to achieve annual carbon emission reductions of up to 3 million tonnes compared to traditional blast furnace technologies.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen stated, BIG, an Air Products Company,  committed to sustainable development in Thailand, has showcased its investment in real climate technology projects, including low carbon industrial gases solutions.  Partnering with Meranti in the green steel project, BIG once again demonstrates its dedication to walking the talk in sustainability. The collaboration goes beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions in steel production; BIG's cutting-edge climate technologies produce low carbon oxygen, nitrogen, and green hydrogen, setting the stage for Thailand’s energy transition for industrial segments. BIG is honoured to join forces with Meranti in realising another tangible sustainability project for Thailand.

Dr. Sebastian Langendorf added, “BIG is a leader in climate technology, leveraging on its strength in industrial gases and innovation. At Meranti Steel, we view the strategic cooperation with BIG as an ideal complement to our recently announced partnership with GPSC, particularly in the area of green hydrogen. While GPSC and Meranti are collaborating on off-site renewable energy solutions for potential green hydrogen production, BIG/Air Products is the globally largest hydrogen producer including Thailand. With its expertise, technology, and significant investment, BIG can play a pivotal role in  the green hydrogen landscape in Thailand. We are excited to work alongside BIG as our second strong Thai partner towards a sustainable future."

Meranti’s green steel project exemplifies the commitment of countries such as Singapore and Thailand to lead the sustainable transformation of the iron and steel industry, which currently accounts for over 7% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

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About BIG (Bangkok Industrial Gas Co. Ltd.) 

BIG is Thailand’s leading in Innovative Industrial Gas and Climate Technology Company and a subsidiary of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (APD),  a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and part of the US Fortune 500. APD  has consistently been ranked in Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 13 consecutive years as a global sustainability leader. BIG/APD specialises in industrial gases and climate technology innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for climate change mitigation. It offers gas products and technologies for various industries and, through APD, is a major investor in large-scale green hydrogen and green ammonia projects worldwide. BIG  focuses on  driving the energy transition for Thailand, targeting to achieve Net Zero by 2050 in alignment with APD.

About Meranti Green Steel Pte. Ltd.

Meranti Steel, with its HQ in Singapore and the JFE Meranti Joint Venture in Myanmar, has a strong commitment to sustainability. Under its Meranti Green Steel brand, it is focused on becoming a leader in decarbonisation. Meranti Steel sees strong partnerships as critical to its success and it aims to provide high-quality steel products and offer industry leading delivery and service. Meranti Steel’s No. 1 priority is safety, both for its team members and the communities it operates in.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Thae Su Mon Aung, VP Marketing and PR of Meranti Green Steel


Phone: +66624977083

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